Conception of the Eyechild

Skipper the Eyechild is the 3rd episode of Garth Marenghi's Darkplace

Rick with the eyechild


Rick Dagless M.D. witnesses a hospital patient being raped by a giant eye and then giving birth to the eye's child. Rick takes the eyechild into his care and hides it from the patients and other workers at the hospital. He names it Skipper, after his half-grasshopper, half-human son who suffered a tragic death. When Thornton, Lucien and Liz find out about the child, they attempt to get Rick to hand over the eye, but it proves unsuccessful. Rick runs away with the eyechild and accidentally kills it.


Matthew Holness as Rick Dagless M.D.

Richard Ayoade as Thornton Reed

Matt Berry as Lucien Sanchez

Alice Lowe as Liz Asher

Lydia Fox as Rick's Wife

Graham Linehan as the Security Guard